Southern Fresh’s Blue retail brand is a symbol of quality, freshness, and convenience for consumers who are looking for the best produce at their local supermarket. Designed to be eye-catching and memorable, the Blue brand is used on the packaging of smaller pack sizes and is prominently displayed on supermarket shelves.

At Southern Fresh, we understand that consumers want fresh, healthy, and delicious produce that is easy to find and convenient to purchase. That’s why we created the Blue brand, to help consumers identify our premium-quality produce and make informed choices about what they buy.

Whether you’re looking for crisp, flavorful Butter Lettuce, a delicious Mesclun blend or stunning Baby Carrots, Southern Fresh’s Blue brand has you covered. We are committed to delivering the highest quality produce, grown with care and attention to detail, and packed with the utmost care to ensure maximum freshness and flavor.

So the next time you’re shopping for fresh produce at your local supermarket, look for Southern Fresh’s Blue brand on the packaging. It’s a symbol of our commitment to quality, freshness, and convenience, and it’s your guarantee of a great-tasting and healthy eating¬†experience.