From fork to farm

Our approach to growing is front-to-back. We believe that what we grow on our farms should be determined by what you want on your fork.

Family matters

Over 20 years ago, Southern Fresh Foods was established in the heart of the Waikato by the Dunn family, who still own and operate it today. Southern Fresh has gone from its humble beginnings to become one of New Zealand’s leading growers and processors of high-quality, specialty baby vegetables, gourmet salads, and fresh herbs.

Our commitment

Southern Fresh was built on the core values of being supportive, being kind, and treating everyone like a member of the family – something that is felt by the entire Southern Fresh team. It’s the excellent teamwork and commitment to continuous improvement that has kept Southern Fresh going from strength to strength.

A legacy of innovation

For decades at Southern Fresh, we’ve innovated the way we do things – something we’ve become famous for. Our heritage of growing the finest produce combined with our mission to embrace modern technology has enabled us to revolutionize the New Zealand produce industry. We have built New Zealand’s first automated hydroponic system and grow the only Trio lettuce in our country. Our extensive experience and passion for innovation means our story has many, many more chapters still to write.

Feeding New Zealanders

We pride ourselves on offering a superior product to the New Zealand food industry, partnering with local chefs and foodservice providers to bring the best produce available to the market. Quality, freshness, and flavour are our vital ingredients, and we continually push the boundaries in search of food innovation – from constructing a 20,000m2 indoor farm to grow crops year-round to creating a premium retail range for all New Zealanders


The Dunn family launch Southern Fresh Foods.


Southern Fresh begins growing baby vegetables and exporting them to the UK.


The first building in Cambridge is built to process and pack produce.


Southern Fresh begins providing the NZ food service market with baby vegetables.


Southern Fresh launches into growing salads, the first being a wild rocket blend.


The Delmark trade brand was born.


Southern Fresh ventures into growing fresh herbs, with Basil being the first to market.


Due to an increase in demand, Southern Fresh goes from cropping 80 acres to 350 acres.


Southern Fresh builds a new factory to increase production capacity.


The Hunt Farm salad and vegetable retail brand is launched.


After 12 years of spin-drying salads, Southern Fresh install a state-of-the-art washing and drying line, increasing production volumes by 80%


Construction of a 20,000m2 indoor farm commences providing a consistent supply of product year-round.


Southern Fresh begins growing a range of herbs, whole-head lettuce, and Asian vegetables in an automated hydroponic system.


The Unleash Your Inner Gourmet brand is launched featuring herbs, baby vegetables, and whole-head lettuce.


We begin growing baby broccoli for both the retail and foodservice markets.


Then & Now