Consistent supply, year-round

We grow our crops both indoor and outdoor and utilise all of the earth’s resources. The combination of decades of growing experience and a sound understanding of the land means we can produce an extensive range of crops all year round

Indoor Farming

We have constructed a 20,000m2 hydroponic indoor farm to enable consistent, year-round supply to our customers. Our produce is protected from the weather and grown in ideal conditions thanks to a climate-controlled by lights, heat, screens, and vents. Our crops are also guarded against birds and insects, so minimal pesticides and fungicides are required.

Water saving

20 times less water is needed than for conventional soil grown crops

Cost reductions

A series of automated systems reduces the cost to produce each plant.

Plant Health

With 100% control over the environment, the plants are healthier and have an increased shelf life. Products are more uniform, yield higher, and have substantially more vigour due to a decreased plant stress.

Land efficiency

One hectare of hydroponic lettuce production produces the same as 40 hectares of soil-based lettuce growing.

Outdoor Farming

Southern Fresh farms 400 acres of beautiful flat land in the Waikato. Every portion of soil has been carefully worked and levelled over the past two years to get the drainage perfect. By land levelling our paddocks via a high-tech GPS system, we can ensure the water flows to the correct areas, making the crops more accessible, hence improving quality. Through this process, we can decrease the risk of crop failure by 60%.

To ensure consistent supply and top-quality produce, we take the time to steam our soil to rid it of any bacteria. At the same time, we control the weed growth reducing the need for herbicides in the growing cycle. Although this process is time-consuming, the results speak for themselves!

Flexibility of space

The space to rotate crops means we can grow a broad range of products according to customer needs and market trends.

Environmental enrichment

Exposure to the natural environment enhances leaf structure on salad crops