Baby Chioggia Beetroot

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Baby Chioggia Beetroot

Otherwise known as Candy Beets, this stunning two-colour variety originated in a small coastal village in Italy called Chioggia.

Chioggia beetroot is said to be among the sweetest of beets and don’t bleed colour like their red counterpart, making them easy to slice and present. It is recommended to serve them raw in order to retain colour and highlight the bold stripes.

At Southern Fresh, we grow it to a baby size, so that the scope of use is increased. Whilst the raw baby beetroot is excellent shredded as a salad, the bite-size beets are ideal for roasting whole, bringing out their natural sweetness with minimal preparation.

Baby Chioggia beetroot are more uniform in size and shape, resulting in more even rings of colour when sliced open, as opposed to the larger version.

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