Southern Fresh Foods host their own “Field Days” to showcase the freshest and tastiest produce in the Waikato

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Waikato-based Southern Fresh Foods put their own spin on the Field Days last week in a showcase of the produce which they prepare at their Bruntwood premises.

Upon arrival, guests were invited to have a coffee and other refreshments while connecting with other guests who were in attendance.

The day was highlighted with Southern Fresh Foods put on a meal for all attendees, with food being prepared with the businesses own ingredients. Some of the vegetables grown by the company were also on display for guests to see and taste.

The main showcase of the Field Day event was a tour around the Southern Fresh Foods factory. Attendees were treated to the ins and outs of the company, being led by a guide through the processes that the produce goes through to been ready for all Food Service Wholesalers. It was a truly enlightening experience for all with the procedures of the business on display.

After the tour those who attended were invited onto the farm of Southern Fresh Foods. This allowed guests to see the latest produce and some inventions which the business is working on. This included different coloured cauliflower which are now on offer as a trial crop.

It can be expected that more of these events will be held by Southern Fresh Foods in the future given the success of the day. Keep up to date with the business via their Facebook page: for upcoming events to get involved with.

Southern Fresh Foods pride themselves in growing baby gourmet vegetables, herbs and baby leaf salads. Visit for more information on the Field Days event or what they can offer in tasty vegetable options.


Waikato based produce company Southern Fresh Foods has BASIL and MINT available to enhance your cooking


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Heading into the winter season, it will be time to add the perfect flavour to your dishes and the team at Waikato-based Southern Fresh Foods believe that their MINT and BASIL options provide the bst answer.

BASIL is best to combine with other herbs such as rosemary and thyme in meat dishes, fish, vegetables, cheese, soup and eggs. It is also one of the main ingredients in pesto. BASIL is easy to maintain both inside and out and is considered a very healthy herb.

MINT is a herb that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be added to meat dishes such as lamb to create a fresh flavour. MINT can also be used in desserts and drinks to add an extra element to any creation. It is a popular herb and similarly to BASIL is considered very healthy.

The MINT and BASIL that Southern Fresh Foods provide are fresh and tasty. This is the mantra of the business and all their produce is fresh and distinctive – every time. For anybody looking to purchase these herbs Southern Fresh Foods is the only provider to consider.

Southern Fresh Foods are New Zealand's professional growers and processors of specialty vegetables, gourmet leaf salads and fresh herbs. For the full range of what they offer head to or contact the team at Southern Fresh Foods directly.


Southern Fresh Foods Waikato introduce Pea Tendrils with exceptional nutritional value.

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Looking for a new, fresh way to add nutrition into your diet? Pea tendrils are available now at Southern Fresh Foods in the Waikato.

Tasting like peas the young, tender leaves, can be eaten like other raw leafy greens and are great tossed in salads and in sandwiches.

As an alternative you can cook them by themselves or with other greens in a stir fry.

Their exceptional nutritional value is hard to beat and benefits include:

  1. Aids in cancer prevention: great source of folate, antioxidants and carotene, which are three chemoprotective agents.
  2. High in antioxidants: 1 cup of pea tendrils will provide approx. 35% of the daily value of vitamin C & 15% of vitamin A. (7 times as much vitamin C as blueberries, 4 times as much vitamin A as tomatoes).
  3. Anti-Inflammatory.
  4. Diabetes: pea tendrils contain many of the nutrients which help keep blood sugar levels low and give great antioxidant support. This both supports people with type two diabetes and lowers the risk of developing diabetes.
  5. Heart health: pea tendrils offer antioxidants and phytonutrients lend a wide range of cardiovascular benefits.
  6. Weight loss: a great addition to an effective weight loss programme- huge nutrient to calorie ratio, offer good amount of dietary fibre to aid in controlling body weight & regulating metabolism.

Complimentary flavours for pea tendrils are creamy cheeses, shellfish, carrots, potatoes, shallots, asparagus, fava beans, mushrooms, bacon, lobster, cream, ricotta, butter, basil & mint.

They are newly available in 100g & 500g thanks to Southern Fresh Foods Ltd.

Established in the fertile, lush growing area in the heart of the Waikato, Cambridge-based Southern Fresh Foods has more than 30 years of market experience.

This family-owned and operated company has progressed into one of New Zealand's leading professional growers and processors of high quality baby vegetables, salad lines, and herbs - both fresh and processed.

They are constantly pushing the boundaries in search of new cuisine ideas, to in turn to inspire epicures to become more creative.

Southern Fresh Foods Introduces the Large Watermelon Radish

Available now at Southern Fresh Foods in the Waikato, the Large Watermelon Radish is an heirloom variety of the Chinese daikon radish and a botanical member of the Brassica family. 20170203 122428-469-485

The Large Watermelon Radish has a crisp, succulent flesh which is white closest to the exterior, with bright, circular patterns of pink in the centre, giving it the allusion of watermelon.

The flavour of the Large Watermelon Radish is mild and sweet, with slight peppery notes, making it perfect for salads.  Both the root and the green of the Large Watermelon Radish are an excellent source of vitamin C, especially when eaten raw.

Large Watermelon Radishes can be served cooked or raw, hot or cold, as a pickle, on sandwiches, in soups or roasted.

Southern Fresh Foods recommends the following recipe by Lisa Bryan from Downshiftology:

Watermelon Radish and Cucumber Salad


  • 4 watermelon radish
  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1½ cups microgreens
  • 1 tsp black lava salt

Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing

  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp white wine vinegar
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • ¼ tsp dijon mustard
  • pepper, to taste



1. Use a mandolin to slice very thin slices of the watermelon radishes and cucumber.

2. Plate the salads by alternating slices of radish, cucumber and small handfuls of microgreens. Sprinkle the black lava salt on top.

3. Whisk together all dressing ingredients in a small bowl and drizzle on top of the salad.

Southern Fresh Foods is a family owned and operated fresh vegetable, salad and herb grower and producer.  Southern Fresh Foods supplies produce to restaurants and wholesalers and is committed to giving back to the community through their support of community organisations such as Kaivolution.

Southern Fresh Foods Has Waikato Christmas Dinners Sorted

By Tristan Hooker/MediaPA


Christmas is coming!  Traditionally in New Zealand it’s a time for sunshine, beaches, families and, of course, eating.

Just because Christmas meals might be full of carbohydrates and fat, there’s no excuse for New Zealanders not to get their “five plus a day”, especially when Southern Fresh Foods has tasty, fresh vegetables ready be harvested.

Some of the tasty products Southern Fresh Foods will be offering in the lead-up to Christmas are white beetroot and land cress.  With their white and green colourings, they are perfectly suited to the Christmas theme.

Land cress is native to Southern Europe and Western Asia and has been cultivated as a leaf vegetable in England since the 17th Century.  It is now naturalised in New Zealand and other parts of the world.  It grows very well in the lush fields of the Waikato, not requiring as much water to grow as watercress.  It has the same flavour as water cress, making it perfect for salads, sandwiches and delicate soups.image001 (1)-787

“Our white beetroot and land cress will be popular among the discerning chefs who use our products,” says Rebecca Boakes, marketing manager for Southern Fresh Group. 

“We have also small quantities of Pea Tendrils coming on, which will be available at Christmas time in small volumes.”

As Christmas approaches, keep an eye out for the Kids Christmas function as part of Southern Fresh Food’s Social Giving strategy.  Also look for their upcoming new website.

Southern Fresh Foods Grows White Beetroot in the Waikato

By Tristan Hooker/MediaPAsouthern-fresh-0092

Southern Fresh Foods, in the heart of the fertile Waikato, is New Zealand's professional grower and processor of specialty vegetables, gourmet leaf salads and fresh herbs.

Among the exciting range of vegetables Southern Fresh Foods has coming up this summer is a variation on an old, familiar favourite:  The white beetroot.

“The white beetroots are in the ground now and will be available early to mid November”, says Rebecca Boakes, marketing manager at Southern Fresh Foods.

Conventional beetroots are known for their deep red colour.  That colour comes from a compound called betalain, which is water-soluble and heat stable.  Red beets bring a vibrant colour to salads, sandwiches and dishes such as borscht.

However, the colour of red beets can sometimes cause unwelcome problems.  It can stain fingers and clothing and has been known to cause alarm when using the bathroom the following morning.

White beetroot can be utilized in the same culinary dishes as red beetroot, without the undesirable side effects.  White beetroots do not contain betalain, which gives red beetroots their colour and also their earthy flavor.  White beetroots have a higher sugar content than red beetroots, giving them a sweeter flavor than their red cousins.

The leaves of the white beetroot are edible and are especially tender and succulent when young.

Southern Fresh Foods is a family owned and operated company with a team of trained personnel.  Based in Hautapu, just south of Hamilton, Southern Fresh Foods are dedicated to supplying quality products to the New Zealand food industry.


Waikato’s Southern Fresh Foods Supports Kaivolution Food Rescue 

Waikato’s family owned and operated fresh vegetable, salad and herb grower and producer, Southern Fresh Foods, is committed to giving back to the community.sf x 12
One of the ways they’re supporting Social Giving is by donating any excess produce to Kaivolution Food Rescue, a local Hamilton community group which collects surplus food and redistributes it to charities.
“At Southern Fresh Foods, we take social responsibility seriously,” says Garth Dunn, Sales Manager of Southern Fresh Group.  “We are also proactive in minimising food waste.  For that reason, Kaivolution is a great organisation that we are happy to support in conjunction with our friends at Bidvest.”
Kaivolution Food Rescue is a Hamilton initiative, adding to a growing number of organisations around New Zealand with a similar goal – to make sure excess food is not put into landfills and is instead distributed to those in need.  Since its launch in October 2014, Kaivolution estimates it has collected and redistributed more than 150,000kg of food within the Waikato community.
Established in 2000, Southern Fresh Foods has been growing and processing specialty vegetables, gourmet leaf salads and fresh herbs for distribution throughout New Zealand. 
Located in the heart of the Waikato, Southern Fresh Foods has always been an active contributor to the local community.  As well as their backing of Kaivolution, Southern Fresh Foods also supports Riding for the Disabled and the Westpac Helicopter Trust.
“We believe in providing our customers with the best quality products like fresh salad greens and our unique range of baby vegetables,” says Mr Dunn, “while minimizing waste and making a difference in our community.”
“Kaivolution is a fantastic community initiative and we’re happy to support them.”


Southern Fresh Foods Grows Baby Carrots in Original Colours

Carrots are some of the most important vegetables in the world and have a rich and fascinating history. Southern Fresh SOUTHERN FRESH FOODS BABY PURPLE CARROT-722Foods, Waikato’s specialist gourmet vegetable growers and processors, have baby carrots in four different colours – orange, purple, white and yellow.
If you didn’t know carrots came in any other colour except orange, you’re bound to be fascinated by the history of the carrot.
Jeremy Dunn, General Manager of Southern Fresh Group, says humans have a long association with carrots, dating back more than 5,000 years, where the first documentations show wild carrots being harvested in Central Asia and Europe.
“Very early varieties of carrots were wild carrots,” says Mr Dunn. “They had edible leaves and white roots and were not only eaten, but prescribed for medicinal purposes, using every part of the carrot, including the roots, leaves and seeds.”
Mr Dunn says orange carrots, so common these days, were actually only developed relatively recently, around the 17th Century. 
Although the background of the orange carrot is somewhat murky, historians commonly believe the colour hs a political bent, being cultivated by Dutch growers as a tribute to William of Orange, who led the struggle for Dutch independence.
Mr Dunn says Southern Fresh Foods is proud to grow and supply carrots in their full variety of colours and supply a range of gourmet carrots to local chefs.”
“Our specialty carrots are popular with the best chefs in the Waikato, who like to use only the highest quality products in their dishes.”
Southern Fresh Foods is a family owned and operated company and is one of New Zealand's leading professional growers and processors of high quality baby vegetables, salad lines, and herbs.

The Chioggia Beetroot, Brought to You by Southern Fresh Foods

Southern Fresh Foods Ltd is a family owned and operated business, based in Hautapu, right in the heart of the Waikato.
For more than 16 years the company has been growing and expanding and is now one of New Zealand’s leading producers of premium salad mixes, herbs, and gourmet baby vegetables.
Among their specialty items is the Chioggia Beetroot, a beautiful pink and red striped beet which is becoming popular among discerning chefs in top restaurants.
Andrew Clark, head chef at Hamilton’s Victoria Street Bistro, is a fan of the Chioggia beetroot, which is supplied to his restaurant by Southern Fresh Foods.
“It’s really nice,” says Andrew.  “You can slice it up raw and it’s got that candy stripe effect, which is good for presentation.
“The other thing you can do is boil it in white balsamic and sugar, sort of pickle it and flick the skins off afterwards.  It’s a really bright, bright pink little beetroot, great for preserving.
“It’s got a nice, sweet flavour a little bit milder than your regular beetroot, really great for presentation, adding a bit of colour to a dish,” says Andrew, adding, “sometimes if there are a few nice little leaves attached we’ll use them as well.”
The Chioggia beetroot is an Italian beet, named after the town of Chioggia in Northern Italy, where the vegetable originated.
Popular in Italy since the 19th century, this beetroot is still unfamiliar to many New Zealanders but is starting to gain a foothold thanks to specialty growers such as Southern Fresh Foods.
Nutritionally, beets have a lot to offer such as fibre, potassium, iron and folic acid.  The pigment which gives beets their color, Betacyanin, is a potent antioxidant.
Southern Fresh Foods pride themselves in supplying products of the highest quality to the New Zealand food industry. With a team of highly trained personnel and stringent hygiene and grading procedures, Southern Fresh Foods will “ensure you receive 100% product satisfaction - every time!”


That Southern Fresh Feeling Hits the Waikato
Based in the heart of the Waikato, Southern Fresh Foods are New Zealand’s professional growers of specialty vegetables, gourmet leaf salads and fresh herbs.Southern-Fresh-0011-225x300 (1)

The Hautapu-based business was created in 2000 and is in a prime location for national distribution. They are making an impact by establishing themselves as a trusted brand within the industry.
“Our quality is what differentiates us from our competitors,” says managing director Pat Dunn. Pat started the business alongside Jeremy Dunn with what they call their three vital ingredients – quality, freshness and flavour. It is these foundations which contribute to the main goal of providing their clientele with inspirational cuisine solutions.
With more than 30 years of growing experience, the family-owned business has turned into a leader amongst New Zealand’s growers and processors.  It is the family aspect of the Southern Fresh Foods which makes them so authentic, according to Pat.
Another reason customers love Southern Fresh Foods is the customer service which they provide. This service is second to none and is focused around “100% product satisfaction – every time!” The value which is provided through service is what really differentiates Southern Fresh Foods from its competition.
The Southern Fresh Foods team’s passion for food does not stop there. In partnering with Bidvest Hamilton, Southern Fresh Foods is also giving back to the community. Any extra product that is not fit for sale but is good for eating is sent to the Kaivolution Project. This project distributes that food to charities in need. It is a partnership which Southern Fresh Foods have fostered, and is something that he feels passionately for. “No food should be wasted, and nobody should be without.”
The range which Southern Fresh Foods offers its customers is second to none and includes aa large variety of baby vegetables, salads, herbs and specialty vegetables. If you are looking for the best quality produce in New Zealand, contact the professional growers at Southern Fresh Foods today.